Epson EB-L30000U

New Epson EB-L30000U video projector: 4K, laser, 30,000 lumens

Presentation of the Epson EB-L30000U video projector by our partner Epson – Julien Cialis During ISE2020, Epson presented a preview at Electroson Studio of the EB-L30000U, successor to the excellent Epson EB-L25000U. This takes up the flexibility of use and compatibility with the interchangeable optics already dedicated to the latter. The EB-L3000U offers 4K enhancement and WUXGA resolution […]

And if we were talking about the gobo projection?

We offer fixed or dynamic projections to your spectators thanks to Proietta brand gobo projectors! But first of all, what is a gobo? A gobo is a glass disc on which a pattern is printed. This disc is placed in front of a light source which can be either a lamp […]

Mapping in Drive-In

Observing heritage come to life and come alive from your vehicle is now possible. In order for the spectator to benefit from the soundtrack that accompanies the projections, a real-time application synchronized with our video server is specially made available.

Interactive Mapping – Mobile Application – A musée vous

Discover or rediscover video mapping by becoming an actor in the projection thanks to the interactive installations. A simple and intuitive interface developed by us, fully configurable, allows you to take control of the projections and play with them. presentation of works in a museum, personalization of a color or […]

Interactive mapping with sensor – Flowers

Electroson Studio is taking advantage of the confinement to double down on research and development. We are working more than ever on new projects and continue to innovate, hoping to see you very soon on one of our shows. FLOWERS is a digital art installation interactive that allows the viewer to generate and move thousands of particles.