background éclat bleu
Enter the heart of the light

Light Installations

In addition to video mapping, or stand-alone, the light installations bring an additional dimension to the show (3D LED tubes, pixel LEDs, RGB LED balls).
The effects are synchronized with the video and immerse viewers even more.

Artist: Sébastien RIQUELME

Heavenly Whisper

This immersive installation, entitled “Celestial Whisper”, aims to recreate the majesty of the Northern Lights through a light and sound installation.
At the heart of the space, high-definition lasers project light beams evoking the natural colors of the auroras.
A series of effects machines diffuse light fog, creating a backdrop against which the lights dance, highlighting the swirls while adding a mysterious atmosphere.

The experience is complemented by a contemplative soundtrack, composed especially to accompany this ever-changing visual tableau. The music, mixing ambient sounds and gentle melodies, invites reflection and wonder. The public is thus immersed in a dreamlike atmosphere, reminiscent of the tranquility and natural beauty of the Northern Lights.

Visitors are invited to move freely in this immersive environment, allowing everyone to have a unique and personalized experience.

“Wurmur Céleste” is a celebration of nature and its ability to inspire man, offering a moment of contemplation in the tumult of everyday life.

Artist: Geoffrey GONTIER


“Astralys” is an enchanting light installation.

This contemporary work transforms and enlivens the space thanks to a multitude of LEDs. The installation varies in size and can oscillate between 2,500 and 10,000 LEDs, arranged on metal rods, transforming the ground into a magical light landscape.

Each LED, like a shooting star, shines gently, all orchestrated in perfect harmony with a contemplative melody. A light mist adds a touch of mystery, as if fireflies were walking among us.

“Astralys” is an invitation to escape, an ode to light and the poetry of contemporary art, where each visitor can let themselves be carried away by the magic of this installation.