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Electroson Studio specializes in the production and distribution of video mappings (architectural video projections) and light installations since 2014.

The mastery of event tools in the service of artistic content allows us to build events that obtain the support of the public.

Video mapping​ is a technique that allows you to project videos on volumes by playing with their shape.
Whatever the surface, the projection plays on the optical illusion between the relief and its virtual second skin.

From the technical study to the realization on site, through the creation of the media, we conceive all the steps of all the projects that we build.

Behind the scenes

The studio

Graphic design (3D modeling, animation, compositing).
The media we project are entirely produced in our studio located in Aniane (34), which allows us total freedom and great responsiveness throughout the creative process.

Architectural projections

Video Mapping

Video mapping is a technique that allows you to project videos on all types and sizes of surfaces.

Some of our achievements

Our work

A light walk

Night illuminated path

This original idea made up of different videos aims to energize the heart of cities by offering a magical walk to share with the family.


Interactive mapping

The spectator becomes an actor and uses his phone to interact live with the façade.

The corner of young artists

Video workshops

The video workshops were created to
to involve the youngest.

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