The Art of Light
by Electroson Studio

Electroson Studio designs and produces architectural video projections (also called video mappings), installations and light paths as well as gobo projections.

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Since its founding in 2014, Electroson Studio embodies the avant-garde in the world of video mapping, offering visual spectacles that go beyond the boundaries of imagination. Our passion for innovation constantly pushes us to explore the limits of technology to create immersive and unique experiences.

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Illusion creators

Our different services

Our services

Video mapping

Video mapping is a technique that allows you to project videos on all types and sizes of surfaces.

Whatever the building, the projection plays on the optical illusion between the real relief and the virtual second skin.
The video mapping increases and sublimates the architecture it illuminates.

We provide turnkey solutions suitable for all types of projects and locations.

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Gobo projections

This technology makes it possible to complete a light path in a city center by highlighting buildings, or by marking a route.

Thanks to complete support, from on-site identification to pattern design, including on-site testing and training of your teams, we build your project together step by step and tailor-made.

With static or dynamic effects, we highlight the complexity of the architecture, with a more controlled cost than video mapping, without the need to attach equipment to a protected building.

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Immersive room

Transform your spaces into a world of wonder with our artistic light installations.

Do you have unused space? A commercial premises, a hangar, or any other building waiting for a new life? By combining video mapping with light installations, we create an unparalleled visual spectacle. Immersive rooms are not limited to projections; they also incorporate luminous works of art that enrich the sensory experience.

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Enchanted windows

Liven up vacant city center windows with video projection.

Liven up your city center by transforming unoccupied store windows into light shows after dark.

Our video projection systems offer an original way to beautify and liven up streets, creating an attractive urban space.
A light trail can thus be created, inviting spectators to wander through the city center, going from one store to another.

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Year 2024


Illusion creators

Our latest projects

Discover our latest projects and immerse yourself in our artistic style.

Video mapping March 30, 2024

Panic at Layet – Le Lavandou

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Video mapping January 25 to 28 and February 1 to 4, 2024

The Frontiers of the Imagination – Mons

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Luminous path December 1, 2023 - January 7, 2024

Winter Lights trail

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Video mapping December 23, 2023

The Mysterious Key – Manosque

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Quality experts

Our partners

Over the years, we have established partnerships with several brands in order to be able to offer you quality solutions at fair prices.

Thanks to these partnerships, we can offer turnkey solutions which include, among other things, video projectors, media servers, waterproof boxes, sound systems, etc.

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Unique know-how

Some numbers

Since 2014, Electroson Studio has been able to respond to several types of projects, whether in video projection, projection of still images, lighting, light trails, tailor-made applications, immersive installations or light installations .


years of experience

in video mapping and even more in architectural lighting.



with media for our video mappings and gobo patterns created by our teams of graphic designers.


cities and customers

across Europe, who trust us to enhance their architectural heritage and support them in their projects.


of amazed looks

young and old, in front of our video projections, our gobo projections and our light installations.


Our latest news

Discover our latest news: case studies, focus on products, presentation of new concepts...

  • 05/04/2024

    Case study: Mons en Lumières: the 1st festival of lights in Wallonia (Belgium) – January – February 2024

    Electroson Studio was selected by the city of Mons (Wallonia - Belgium) to produce and project the unique show Les frontières de[...]

  • Simulation - Projections vidéo immersives

    Immersive screenings

    Immersive video projection offers a unique opportunity to transform spaces into experiences[...]

  • Cavaillon - Installation fixe de vidéoprojection

    Case study: Permanent video projection installation – Cavaillon (84)

    As part of the development of long-term installations, Electroson Studio was selected in 2022 by the City of Cavaillon to realize[...]

  • 05/04/2024

    Case study: Gobo projections – Lighting of an ephemeral square – Cholet (49)

    We carried out a project to highlight a site in the heart of the town of Cholet using gobo projections as part of the demolition[...]

  • 05/04/2024

    Case study: Synchronized audio application – Lake Annecy Festival 2022 – Histoire d'Eaux

    Electroson Studio has adapted its audio application to create a listening solution adapted to the visually impaired, also highlighting[...]

  • 05/04/2024

    Back to: Trésors – Video mapping – Church of Notre Dame de Liesse – Annecy (74) – December 2021

    For the second year in a row, Electroson Studio was selected by the City of Annecy as part of the 2021 Alpine Christmas celebrations[...]