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A spectacular attraction

Immersive Rooms

Transform your spaces into a world of wonder with our artistic light installations.

Do you have unused space? A commercial premises, a hangar, or any other building waiting for a new life?
We propose to transform it not only into an immersive video mapping experience, but also into an exhibition of artistic light installations.


Complete immersive experience

By combining video mapping with light installations, we create an unparalleled visual spectacle.
Immersive rooms are not limited to projections; they also incorporate luminous artwork that enriches the sensory experience.

The objective

The public, very fond of immersive experiences, is increasingly attracted by light installations.
They offer an additional dimension to the immersive experience, creating a space where art and technology meet.

Adaptability and customization

Whether for a small or large area, we provide tailor-made solutions by combining technique and artistic creation, thus maximizing the visual impact of your space.

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Full immersion

Why choose us ?

Certain expertise

Our team is not only experienced in projection mapping, but also has strong expertise in creating artistic light installations.


Creativity, innovation

We are at the forefront of creativity and innovation, ensuring each project is unique and memorable


Advanced technology

We use cutting-edge equipment and techniques to guarantee exceptional visual quality and total immersion.

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For Town Halls

If your municipality has unused spaces or buildings awaiting rehabilitation, we can transform them into real places of magic.
Imagine spectacular video projections that tell the history of your city or light installations that create magical atmospheres.
These spaces can become cultural and tourist attractions, thus revitalizing your local heritage.

For Shopping Centers

Vacant spaces in shopping centers represent an ideal opportunity to create ephemeral and engaging experiences.
Whether for seasonal events, special promotions or simply to energize less busy areas, our projection and lighting solutions can transform these locations into must-see destinations for the whole family.
Attract new visitors and offer them a unique experience!

Flexible Financial Solutions

Each project is unique and budgetary constraints may vary.
This is why we offer different financial solutions tailored to your needs, through partnerships, grants or flexible financing options, we work with you to make your project feasible and successful.

Make every vacant space an opportunity for creation and innovation. Together, we can bring to life immersive experiences that captivate and amaze.

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