New Epson EB-PU2200 high brightness video projectors: 4K, laser, up to 20,000 lumens

Epson EB-PU2220B

Epson to be invited Electroson Studio on March 3, 2022 at the first French presentation of the successors of theEB-L20000U, the models 20,000 lumens EB-PU2220B and EB-PU2120W, as well as EB-PU2213B and EB-PU2113W (13,000 lumens) and EB-PU2216B and EB-PU2116W (16,000 lumens).

Available from May 2022, them EB-PU2220B and EB-PU2120W are the smallest and lightest 20,000 lm 3LCD in the world, 70% more compact and 50% lighter than their predecessor EB-L20000U.

Epson EB PU2200 PU2120W PU2220B
New EB-PU2120W on the right compared to the older generation EB-L20000U – both offering a brightness of 20,000 lumens

Available in 6 models, in black them Epson EB-PU2213B (13,000 lumens), Epson EB-PU2216B (16,000 lumens) and Epson EB-PU2220B (20,000 lumens) and in White them Epson EB-PU2113W (13,000 lumens), Epson EB-PU2116W (16,000 lumens), and Epson EB-PU2120W (20,000 lumens).

One more time, Epson incorporates flexibility of use and compatibility with interchangeable optics already dedicated to previous series.

The models are equipped with the technology NFC and apps android and iOS Epson Projector Configuration Tool (EPCT) that facilitate the configuration spotlights and multi-projector installations. Projectors also include an optical engine hermetic for increased resistance to dust and a chassis without filter to minimize maintenance.

As on all their latest models, they offer a 4K enhancement and a resolution WUXGA (1920x1200). The black models also offer a mechanical shutter and SDI inputs/outputs. Technology 3LCD ensures color-balanced images without compromising brightness. The block laser with an advertised lifespan of 20,000 hours is more eco-responsible.

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