Audio app


Audio app

Sound coverage of events in large spaces during outdoor events has always been a real problem for show organizers.
This requires going through huge sound systems which most of the time create noise pollution for the neighborhood.
We have been thinking for years about setting up a system that would allow us to cover vast territories while controlling costs.

It is in this reflection that we present our new web app.
This device has been specially designed for timecoded shows such as fireworks, video mappings, sound and light shows, drone shows, water shows, aquatic shows... or any other type of event requiring a synchronization to a soundtrack.

This solution can be used in different ways:
1°) Each spectator uses their smartphone to listen to the sound of the event,
2°) A sound system is connected to a smartphone, computer or tablet, which allows the soundtrack to be broadcast in a defined area.

The quality and stability of the mobile network is essential for the success of the device.

Inclusion at the center of our concerns

Leisure and culture are part of the basic needs of existence and should not be hindered by a visual impairment.

Audio description is a technique that makes shows accessible to blind and partially sighted people thanks to a voice-over that describes what is happening visually (pyrotechnic displays, colors, lights, shapes, lighting atmospheres, etc.).
The tape is first written by a specialized author or by the artistic coordinator, then recorded by a voice-over.

Thanks to our technology, during the show, each spectator accesses via his smartphone an audio description tape that he can broadcast in a headset, with or without the audio tape of the show.

Access our case study on the implementation of this audio description technological solution for the Lake Annecy Festival 2022.

Did you know ?
The Disability law of February 11, 2005 (for equal rights and opportunities, participation and citizenship of disabled people) indicates that "Any disabled person has the right to the solidarity of the whole of the national community, which guarantees him, by virtue of this obligation, access to the fundamental rights recognized for all citizens as well as the full exercise of his citizenship."

Case study

Orleans - July 13, 2021

On the occasion of the celebration of the French National Day 2021 in Orléans , the traditional pyromusical fire had to be adapted to the health constraints in force.

The cancellation of this event was not an option, both for the municipality of Orléans and for its spectators, but there was no question this year either for the municipality of proposing a grouping of spectators at the ends of the bridge of Europe, from which fire would be fired.

Our web application (available on ) has therefore enabled spectators to be independent in listening to the soundtrack of the show, guaranteeing optimal quality of audio transmission and minimum latency in communication and synchronization with the pyrotechnic system for this 20-minute show.


4 390 devices downloaded the soundtrack on July 13

Despite the inclement weather, the website recorded 3500 devices connected during the fire

1 device broadcast on average the sound for a group of 4 to 5 people through its loudspeaker, so it's between 10 800 and 17 500 people who were able to enjoy the show outside, on the banks of the Loire, or in the warmth of their homes watching the show through the window!

Smartphone-compatible (iOS and Android), tablet, computer
Free for the spectator
Inclusive device adapted to the visually impaired
Easy to use
No distance limit
Works in 4G and 5G

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