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Projections of fixed or dynamic images

Gobo projections

The concept

Our company carries out turnkey installations of architectural gobo projection equipment and supports you in creating static or dynamic effects.
This technology makes it possible to complete a light route in a city center by highlighting buildings, or by marking the route.
Thanks to complete support, from on-site identification to pattern design, including on-site testing and training of your teams on the installed equipment, we build your project together step by step and tailor-made.

MOD100 Projecteur de gobos forte luminosité - Annecy

Enhance architecture with light

Highlight its complexity, with a more controlled cost than video mapping, without the need to attach equipment to a protected building.
It is this concept that pushed us to develop architectural gobo projections which, thanks to one or more projectors fixed on a mast or on an opposite wall, can project an image on a facade.

Celebrate the holidays and significant events of the year (Christmas, New Year, Easter, July 14, Heritage Days, Pink October, etc.) or mark a route (event logo, signage): there are a thousand and ways to use gobo projectors in your city center or business!

Enhance your heritage

But what is a gobo?

A gobo is a glass disc on which a pattern is engraved. This disk is placed in front of the LED light source of the projector. Thanks to a zoom and focus system of the projector, the pattern is projected onto the surface of your choice.

What equipment is needed to project?

We have developed a range of easy-to-use and waterproof gobo projectors:

Electroson Studio MOD-100W projecteur de gobos Electroson Studio MOD-100W projecteur de gobos


  • 100W LED mini projector
  • Low cost
  • Easy to use, works on street lighting or a simple socket
  • Interchangeable optics: adapts to most situations
  • Pattern change in less than 5 minutes

and other projectors in our range to discover on our Gobo Design website

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What pattern can I project?

We create your own fixed or dynamic pattern from the visual of your choice, and also have a catalog of patterns created by our team of graphic designers.
Send us a visual or let our graphic designers create a visual for you! We then engrave the pattern and can send it to you as soon as possible.

A unique know-how in France: engraving of gobos with or without graphic creation.

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Gobo 14 juillet

National Holiday
July 14th

Equipe 1

Inspired black and white engraving

Equipe 1

Pink October

Equipe 1

Black and white engraving of Provençal landscape