And if we were talking about the gobo projection?

Gobo Noël Proietta Thorok ou Impressive

We offer fixed projections Where dynamic to your viewers through gobo projectors of the brand Proietta !

But first of all, what is a gobo? A gobo is a glass disc on which a pattern is printed. This disc is placed in front of a light source which can either be a discharge lamp with metal iodides, as is the case with the range Impressive 1200/2500 Watts (up to 193,000 lumens), or LEDs thanks to the range THOROK 500 Watts (up to 45,000 lumens) or Mini-ProLED 40W (for smaller but equally bright patterns). Thanks to adapted optics and some cutouts of the projected image with knives, the pattern is projected onto the surface of your choice !

For Christmas, install gobo projectors in your downtown or in front of your store. Thanks to his incredible brightness, the gobo projector makes it possible to project a fixed or dynamic pattern, but also to combine the two.

Installed on a long period (all month of december for example) and continued from the nightfall, an installation of gobo projectors avoids the concentrations of spectators, in agreement with the governmental provisions as part of the fight against coronavirus. This installation is part of the end of year lights, rather than in that of a punctual manifestation.

Electroson Studio accompanies you in its implementation and offers a turnkey solution : one or more gobo projectors are mounted on one or more poles.

Find the whole Proietta range in our shop. Do not hesitate to contact us via the form at the bottom of the page or by phone to discuss it as soon as possible!