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Animation of vacant windows

The Enchanted Showcases

Liven up vacant city center windows with video projection

Liven up your city center by transforming unoccupied store windows into light shows after dark.
Our video projection systems offer an original way to beautify and liven up streets, creating an attractive urban space.
A light trail can thus be created, inviting spectators to wander through the city center, going from one store to another.

Our services

We offer turnkey solutions, from media creation to equipment rental, installation and adjustments. You just have to imagine, we'll take care of the rest.

Custom design

Our visual creations are adapted to the spirit of the city and its businesses. Window displays can tell unique and captivating stories, reflecting local identity and attracting the attention of passers-by.


We use high quality projection systems to guarantee bright, contrasty and high definition images. Every detail is designed to provide an exceptional viewing experience.

Increase attractiveness


  • Animation of vacant windows: transform unoccupied storefronts into bright points of interest.
  • Creation of an urban dynamic: attract locals and visitors with illuminated pathways.
  • Night attraction: offer a new way to discover the city after dark.
  • Creation of immersive experiences: provide visitors with a visual and interactive experience.
  • Valuation: attract customers and showcase your products, tell the history of the city and its monuments.
  • Flexibility of use: adaptable for various sectors, from city centers to hotels to automotive brands.

The Enchanted Showcases

Each window becomes a magical screen that tells stories and attracts attention.
We help you create luminous pathways that will amaze visitors and bring unoccupied shop windows back to life.
Transform your spaces with our rear projection technology and create unforgettable experiences.

The Enchanted Showcases are designed to highlight the windows of unoccupied businesses using rear projection.
By projecting images from inside windows, we create light shows that engage passers-by and energize urban spaces.

Vacant businesses

Our rear projection solutions are ideal for livening up the windows of vacant businesses in city centers.
We can create a light trail that invites visitors to experience the streets in a new and magical way.
Each window becomes a point of attraction, transforming an ordinary walk into a visual and interactive experience.

For Hotels and Brands

Enchanted Showcases are not reserved for vacant businesses.
This technology can also be used by hotels to create immersive scenographies and welcome their customers in a spectacular way.
In addition, automobile brands can energize their windows and attract customers by projecting animations that highlight their products.

Night Operation

Enchanted display cases are specially designed to operate at night.
At nightfall, the light projections come to life, attracting the attention of passers-by and creating a magical atmosphere.
This solution is perfect for livening up town centers, even after businesses have closed.

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