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a little history...

About Us

Electrosound was born from an idea in 2014, that of being able to offer the enhancement of architecture with an innovative touch at the time: work on architecture through the projection of images.

The logical continuation then took place in 2018 when 3 friends joined forces to create Electroson Studio and develop partnerships with big names in video projection: Epson, Modulo Pi, Proietta, and more recently Tempest and MadMapper.

From the start, we bet on the technologies of tomorrow and refuse to work on video projectors with lamps that consume too much and have too strong an ecological impact. We then join forces with Epson and trust their 15,000 lumen LED video projectors.

In 2020, we are adapting our activity to the health context and offering an audio application that allows spectators to enjoy the shows (video mappings, pyrotechnic shows) without having to gather in front of a sound system.

From 2022, we are developing our own range of gobo projectors in order to be able to offer an artistic approach identical to video mapping for the projection of still images, within a more measured budget, and in 2023 we are creating Gobo Design, our workshop dedicated to gobos, which offers custom glass engraving and the installation of gobo projections.

our passion

A dedicated team

All three of us are driven by a passion: that of enhancing the richness of European architecture.

What could be better than the fine work of light to bring architecture to life at nightfall?
What could be more beautiful than making young and old dream in front of a light installation or video mapping?

Our expertise

360° personalization



Our team of graphic designers offers eclectic styles that can accommodate all projects and produce all types of media.


2D and 3D

We work on architecture and space with a fair balance between 2D and 3D, while respecting the architecture.


Turnkeys in hand

From the study phase to completion, you only have one contact and our proposal is turnkey!



Thanks to the discretion of our technical installations, reinforce the immersive experience for more magic.


Most asked questions

Our motto is to offer the fairest prices and the most suitable solutions for any type of project because everyone has the right to access these technologies.
Once you have your budget in mind, we strive to offer the most suitable technological solution.
We can also assist you with your requests for aid and financing.

We work exclusively with LED and laser technologies, which at equal brightness consume at least 3x less energy, while offering up to 10x longer lifespan, lower heat generation and lower maintenance costs.

The media we produce last between 5 and 10 minutes. We prefer to offer quality media with detailed work rather than longer media with lengths.

On average, it takes several months, between the initial study phase, the different phases of exchange, the development and validation of a scenario, a mood-board, then the production of the media, the technical study, up to the installation of the equipment.
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Experts who listen

Our team

Sébastien Riquelme

Technical manager and content creator

Geoffrey Gontier

Production manager and scout of new ideas

Nicolas Kern

IT, administrative, tenders manager

Dream Makers

A story of details

Our team of talented graphic designers creates video projections that reveal every detail of historic buildings.
DETAIL is our watchword. We love precise and crafted images that bring buildings back to life with marvelous beauty.

D'Après Nature - La Seyne sur Mer - Noël 2021