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Draw, project!

Interactive Drawings

Give children a unique and magical experience with our interactive drawing activity.

Budding artists

A fun system

Children can give free rein to their imagination by drawing on a special sheet, including a matrix of patterns linked to the theme of the projection. Once their masterpiece is complete, they can watch it come to life through our interactive system.

How it works ?

Children draw on a special sheet which has a matrix of patterns linked to the theme of the projection.
Once the drawing is finished, they pass it through a dedicated scanner.
By pressing the buzzer, their drawing is immediately projected and animated on a screen or projection surface.
Children can then see their work come to life with movements and special effects.

Why Choose Interactive Drawing?

This activity combines creativity and technology, allowing children to see their art come to life instantly.
They are at the heart of the action, actively participating in the creation and animation of their drawings.
The pattern dies can be tailored to various themes, be it specific events, seasons or festivals, providing complete customization.
Each child leaves with their drawings and a memorable experience, having seen their imagination transformed into real animation.

A caring activity

Benefits of the Activity

Interactive drawing encourages children's creativity in a fun and interactive way.
Seeing their drawing projected and animated in real time offers total immersion and immediate satisfaction.
The scanning and projection process is quick and simple, making the activity accessible even to the youngest.
Children can interact with their creation, adding an extra dimension to their work.

Perfect for Museums

This interactive experience is ideal for museums, providing an engaging and educational activity for young visitors.
Interactive drawing can be integrated perfectly into temporary or permanent exhibitions, enriching the educational and fun offerings of the museum.
Children can thus combine creative and technological activity.

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Use your imagination

An artistic adventure

Join us for an interactive art adventure where children's imaginations come spectacularly to life. Interactive drawing is an ideal activity for events, festivals, shopping centers and museums, creating moments of joy and wonder for all participants.