Night Illuminated Paths

A light walk

Energize the heart of cities

It is possible to install video projectors and gobo projectors in different points of the city in order to create an illuminated and animated light trail.

This original idea made up of different videos and animations aims to energize the heart of cities by offering a magical walk to share with the family.

On the occasion of the end of year celebrations, our video projection and gobo products will perfectly complete your range of illuminations.

This system can also be permanently installed.


The videos and projected images are produced by our team of graphic designers, which allows us total artistic freedom.

From still images, through 2D image animation and 3D modeling, we adapt the media content to the projection surface and the desired theme.

In short

Thanks to architectural video and gobo projections, stimulate the entire local economic area while boosting the promotion of the city and its heritage.

Dynamic gobo projections

Thanks to dynamic architectural video projections, it will be possible to perform rotation effects on the facades, but also to offer several patterns (up to 6) over the same projection period.
In addition, a combination of static and dynamic images is possible: it is for example possible to project a gobo representing a static snowy alpine landscape, on which a gobo representing snow slowly rotates to give an effect of falling snow!

It is even possible to achieve a more complex projection by combining several projectors in the same place and synchronizing them for an even more impressive immersive effect.

Imagine the possibilities with multiple fixtures and multiple gobos!

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Architectural gobo projections

The projection of architectural gobos allows the highlight of a building by the light with a certain detail that a simple lighting would not allow to reach.
With several projectors, you can, for example, follow the lines of the facade of a church, and achieve a rotating lighting of a rose window.

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Video mapping

Video mapping is the most flattering way to highlight an architecture. A detailed work is possible thanks to increased image definition, and the possibility of producing a bright image, rhythmed by a soundtrack: it enhances and sublimates the architecture.

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