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laser projection technology

EPSON projectors, equipped with the most advanced technology, combine the 3LCD matrix with a dual laser light source and achieve a wider color gamut, and a very high contrast ratio to produce vibrant and realistic colors, and incredibly deep blacks.

The combination of high brightness, high resolution and high contrast ratio produces vibrant images that stand out in brightly lit environments, even in large spaces. The use of phosphor laser technology adds an unprecedented level of reliability, while significantly reducing overall operating expenses. Its commitment to product quality, technology, customer relationship, support and service has made Epson the leader in the projector market for over 14 years.

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Unlimited projection
The latest inorganic phosphor wheel developed by Epson has improved light and heat resistance, and offers excellent reliability.
It works perfectly with inorganic LCD panels to create bright, vibrant images over very long periods of time. In fact, you can count on a maintenance-free light source for 20,000 hours.

Inorganic LCD panels

The use of inorganic alignment layers in LCD panels has dramatically increased resistance to heat and UV light, making it possible to project beautiful images over time.

Maintenance free

The laser light source allows 20,000 hours of projection without any maintenance.

Compared to projectors with traditional UHP lamps, operating and maintenance costs are significantly reduced, with no downtime associated with lamp changes.

Projection without constraints

The projector's laser bank contains multiple laser diodes, so the projector will not shut down in the unlikely event that individual diodes fail.

You no longer have to worry about possible lamp failures during a strategic presentation or real-time performance.

Laser Diode Bank

Very powerful laser diodes produce exceptional brightness up to 25,000 lumens.

Phosphor wheel

The inorganic phosphor wheel, which converts blue laser light output to yellow laser light output, is designed to be durable enough to withstand the high productivity of the laser over long periods of use.

LCD panels

An all-new 1.43-inch inorganic panel increases lightfastness and guarantees an even longer lifespan.

Cooling system

A combined air and water cooling system is more than efficient for the needs of the projector.

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