And if we were talking about the gobo projection?

We offer fixed or dynamic projections to your spectators thanks to Proietta brand gobo projectors! But first of all, what is a gobo? A gobo is a glass disc on which a pattern is printed. This disc is placed in front of a light source which can be either a lamp […]

Cavaillon - Installation fixe de vidéoprojection

Case study: Permanent video projection installation – Cavaillon (84)

As part of the development of permanent installations, Electroson Studio was selected by the City of Cavaillon to create 3 fixed video projection installations in the heart of the city centre. Inaugurated at the beginning of December 2022 as part of the Christmas illuminations Once upon a time… Christmas in Cavaillon, these 3 installations aim to […]

Mapping vidéo Noël 2020 Donjon de Niort

Case study: Video mapping – Donjon de Niort – December 2020

Electroson Studio has been selected by the City of Niort as part of the 2020 end-of-year celebrations to project on the Donjon our original poetic and colorful 10-minute show composed of 6 paintings, Rêves de lumière, from December 5, 2020 to 4 January 2021. Thanks to our video workshops, young […]

D'Après Nature - Chapelle des Maristes - La-Seyne-sur-Mer (83) - Décembre 2021

Back to: D'Après Nature – Video mapping – Marist Chapel – La-Seyne-sur-Mer (83) – December 2021

Electroson Studio has been selected by the City of La-Seyne-sur-Mer as part of the 2021 end-of-year celebrations to create a light trail in the city. Relive the show “D’Après Nature“, projected on the Chapelle des Maristes de La-Seyne-Sur-Mer (83) in December 2021. Artist specialized in sets and fixed paintings but also […]