Interactive Mappings



The spectator becomes an actor and uses his phone to interact live with the façade.
This concept was specially developed by Electroson Studio and enhances video mapping as an option.

When the spectator becomes an actor

For a predefined time, the viewer can play with the different projection surfaces by triggering pre-programmed video sequences with their smartphone at their convenience, on a dedicated, intuitive website, made available throughout the whole projection.

How it works


Each spectator connects with his smartphone (iPhone and Android compatible) to a website, communicated on site or in advance.


The viewer selects from the proposed themes (adapted to the time of year: Christmas, Halloween…, or more general: jungle, ice floe, frost, space…) the one he wants to put on the facade.


He waits for his turn (so that the maximum number of spectators can participate to the experience, everyone is given a playing time of 30 seconds to 1 minute).


When their turn comes, the viewer sees their theme appear on the projection surface and can add predefined video sequences on their smartphone as they want.

Note :

The organizer keeps control of the projected content:
themes and videos are validated in advance.

The spectator plays with the pre-programmed sequences.

A musée vous !

Application Video Mapping

Discover or rediscover video mapping by becoming an actor in the projection thanks to the interactive installations.

A simple and intuitive interface developed by our team, fully configurable, allows you to take control of the projections and play with them.

Whether it's to introduce a piece of art in a museum, the personalization of a color or a texture on an object (vehicle, piece of furniture) or animate a building, our interface brings dynamics to the projections.

Android/iOS compatible app.


Motion sensor

FLOWERS is an interactive digital art installation that allows the viewer to generate and move thousands of particles.

Generation of particles thanks to a motion sensor.

The type of particles is configurable in order to adapt to the project.

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