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Songes d'Une Nuit d'Hiver

Orion, the emblematic constellation of the winter sky, takes shape on the facade until it slowly evaporates to invite the viewer to embark on a winter dream.

We go through different dreamlike settings, whose universe reminds us of winter and the warmth of Christmas through stained glass windows that look like crystals that are erected, golden patterns of Christmas balls that are embroidered, candles in soft light and familiar that sparkle, or a forest with snow-covered trees and firs that seems to be inhabited by a magical breath.

All punctuated by an aerial music, scintillating and captivating.

Art direction and graphic design: Camille GROSS
Animator: Sébastien RIQUELME
Sound design: Sébastien RIQUELME

Type: video mapping
Duration: 5 minutes
Audience: family

Animated Gallery

When digital art meets culture
We put our passion for technology at the service of art to create sensory spaces with spectacular results. Driven by the desire to respond to visitors' new desires for experience, we wanted to adapt our mapping technique to make it accessible to as many people as possible.

A soothing journey through Impressionism.
This scenario offers a poetic and dreamlike pictorial discovery. The landscapes are animated by gentle movements of shapes and colors, the music is soothing... the whole thing forms a relaxing imaginary world.

Artistic direction: Geoffrey GONTIER
Animation and graphic design: Sébastien RIQUELME

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Type: video mapping
Duration: 5 minutes
Audience: family

Nature Numérique

“Nature Numérique” is an immersive light installation created in February 2020.

It is made up of 30 2m LED tubes, presented in the form of 2 circles measuring 4 and 7 meters in diameter.

Each pixel of each of the LED tubes is controlled using the ArtNet protocol via a Modulo Pi media server.

Animation and programming: Sébastien RIQUELME

Type: light installation / digital art
Duration: 4 minutes
Audience: family

D'Après Nature

“During this period, we are more sensitive to the nature that surrounds us, to the spectacle it offers us, to its rhythm, to the cycle of the seasons. The show offers a poetic and pictorial vision of this nature and of our link with it, through the crossed eyes of painters who have celebrated it and have been able to magnify its colors.

The show begins with a crystalline and magical winter, where the building is presented as a monochrome engraving caught in the ice, then spring with cherry blossoms and women imprinted in Mucha, then summer is evoked through the eyes of Matisse and Signac in warm colours, then autumn with Bonnard.

Finally, the building is magnified in a golden, celestial and flamboyant view mixing Byzantine mosaics and art deco painting.

Art direction and graphic design: Elodie POIDATZ
Animation: Elodie POIDATZ
Sound design: Sébastien RIQUELME

Type: video mapping
Duration: 5 minutes
Audience: family

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