Epson EB-L20000U

The EB-L20000U model from Epson is a high-brightness laser projector, with WUXGA resolution and 20,000 lumens. Ultra-efficient, it requires little maintenance.

Features :

Brightness: 20000 lumens
Matrix: WUXGA - 1920 x 1200
Source : Laser
Contrast : 2.500.000 : 1

Interchangeable lenses:

Optics provided: Epson ELPLM15 (4:3: 1.62-2.65:1 / 16:9 & 16:10: 1.57-2.56:1)
Compatible lenses:

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The EB-L12000Q projector offers 4K resolution as well as a set of features that integrators and service providers need, such as backward compatibility of optics and interchangeable interface slots. This projector is an important innovation in the laser range, since it is designed to be used for different uses: events, tourist sites, integration in large auditoriums, or educational and professional environments.

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