Gobo projectors

Projection of still and dynamic images

Electroson Studio performs turnkey installations of gobo projection equipment. Whether for the purchase or rental of gobo projectors, we support you to achieve static or dynamic effects, indoors or outdoors, on the ground, on facades, whatever the format, and over short and long distances.

Thanks to a full support, from location scouting, to the design of the patterns, passing a on-site test and by the training your teams to the installed equipment, we build your project together step by step.

Celebrate the holidays that are important to you (Christmas, New Year, Easter, July 14th, Heritage Days), mark out a route, or project your visual identity: there are a thousand and one ways to use gobo projectors in your downtown or your business !

Projections de gobos - Annecy

But what is a gobo?

A gobo is a glass disc on which a pattern is printed.

This disc is placed in front of the LED light source.
Thanks to its integrated zoom and focus system, the pattern is projected onto the surface of your choice.

what does a gobo projection look like?

The projected images can be static , ie the image remains fixed, without movement.
The image can also be dynamic, via a rotating movement (speed is adjustable on larger projectors).

In addition, a combination of static and dynamic images is possible: it is for example possible to project a gobo representing a static snowy alpine landscape, on which a gobo representing snow slowly rotates to give an effect of falling snow !

It is even possible to carry out a more complex projection, by installing several gobos in each projector (up to 6). Thanks to DMX programming, the pattern can change. Imagine the possibilities with multiple fixtures and multiple gobos!

Architectural gobos

Sublimate architecture with light, highlight its complexity, without the need to place several projectors at the foot of a building, or worse, to fix them to the building.
It is this concept that led us to develop the projections of architectural gobos, which, thanks to one or more projectors fixed on a pole placed on the ground, can project an image on all or a part of a facade.

What equipment is needed to project?

A projection of gobos requires a projector, a support (post, wall fixing, etc.) and a control cabinet (power supply, clock).

We present a range of 5 gobo projectors in our catalog, offering light powers from 100W to 700W and being able to integrate up to 4 interchangeable gobos and DMX controls.

We offer a turnkey solution by arranging one or more projector(s) on a projection pole or on a metal bracket which can be fixed on a wall.

On each support, we install a control cabinet connected to the 220V current thanks to a 16A socket (caravan type). This cabinet includes all the protection circuits as well as a precise clock configurable via Bluetooth which makes it possible to define day by day the times for switching on and off the projectors.

What pattern can I project?

We create your own fixed or dynamic pattern from the visual of your choice. Send us a visual or let our graphic designers create a visual for you!

Find our range of gobo projectors in our shop and do not hesitate to contact us via the form at the bottom of the page or by phone to discuss it as soon as possible!

Our references

Electroson Studio MOD-100W projecteur de gobos


Mini 100W LED gobo projector, compact and lightweight, ideal for projecting rotating gobos indoors and outdoors.

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The MOD-300 gobo projector is at the mid-level of our range in terms of power, offering the perfect balance between performance and energy saving.

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The MOD-300-DMX gobo projector is equipped with a DMX interface which allows you to control the various parameters such as the dimmer, the strombe, the wheel of 4 interchangeable gobos, the rotation of the gobos, the reset.

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The MOD-500 gobo projector is part of our brightest range, making it ideal for illuminating surfaces up to 18m in diameter.

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The MOD-700 gobo projector is part of our most powerful range. Architectural enhancement (buildings, bridges, statues, trees). Sports or cultural events. Artistic installation (light path).

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