Dreams of light – Niort

Scene 1 intro: The phrase "Rêves de lumière" scrolls on either side of the facade, written in different languages.

Scene 2: Clouds appear with characters directing each cloud like gondoliers.

Scene 3: A music box appears on a golden pedestal table. Out comes a sparkling ballerina who, by turning, reveals and animates a whole dreamlike universe turned towards wide open spaces and the universe.

Scene 4: Carousel

Scene 5: Pop-up book

Scene 6: dynamic finale

Artistic direction: Geoffrey GONTIER
Image creation: Prune Salmon
Animation: Prune Salmon
Sound design: Sébastien RIQUELME
Actress: Julie LUCA

Type: video mapping
Duration: 12 minutes
Audience: family
Location: Dungeon of Niort (79)

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