Back to: D'Après Nature – Video mapping – Marist Chapel – La-Seyne-sur-Mer (83) – December 2021

D'Après Nature - Chapelle des Maristes - La-Seyne-sur-Mer (83) - Décembre 2021

Electroson Studio has been selected by the City of La-Seyne-sur-Mer as part of the 2021 end-of-year celebrations to create a light trail in the city.

Relive the show " D'Après Nature ", projected on the Chapelle des Maristes de La-Seyne-Sur-Mer (83) in December 2021.

Artist specializing in sets and fixed paintings but also industrial designer, Elodie Poidatz gives us here a 5-minute project that evokes the four seasons and painting and highlights the facade of the Chapelle des Maristes de La-Seyne-Sur- Sea.


“During this period, we are more sensitive to the nature that surrounds us, to the spectacle it offers us, to its rhythm, to the cycle of the seasons. The show offers a poetic and pictorial vision of this nature and of our link with it, through the crossed eyes of painters who have celebrated it and have been able to magnify its colors.

The show begins with a crystalline and magical winter, where the building is presented as a monochrome engraving caught in the ice, then spring with cherry blossoms and women imprinted in Mucha, then summer is evoked through the eyes of Matisse and Signac in warm colours, then autumn with Bonnard.

Finally, the building is magnified in a golden, celestial and flamboyant view mixing Byzantine mosaics and art deco painting.

The 2 Epson EB-L1715S video projectors are installed in a projection tower with a sound system embedded in the tower.

The installation is controlled by a Modulo Pi Standard 2-output media server . The fine adjustments were made on the Modulo Pi .

Material :
– 1 waterproof, ventilated and heated projection tower designed by Electroson Studio
– 2 Epson EB-L1715S video projectors with ELPLM15 optics – 15,000 lumens
– 1 Modulo Pi STD-2 media server
– 2 RCF speakers of 400W RMS in the projection towers
– 1 4G Modem + IP camera + computer with Modulo Player Remote for remote control