Epson EB-L1715S

Powerful 15,000 lumens SXGA+ 3LCD Laser projector delivering exceptional sharpness and brightness, long lasting performance and low maintenance.

Features :

Brightness: 15000 lumens
Matrix: SXGA+ - 1400 × 1050
Source : Laser
Contrast : 2.500.000 : 1

Interchangeable lenses:

Optics provided: Epson ELPLM15 (4:3: 1.62-2.65:1 / 16:9 & 16:10: 1.57-2.56:1)
Compatible lenses:

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15,000 lumens of brightness combined with rich, vibrant colors make the EB-L1715S an ideal projector for large rooms and large spaces. In addition to very reliable performance, its installation is very flexible, allowing it to be a dedicated solution for configurations requiring maximum performance and durability.

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