Along the water – Conservatory – Annecy (74)

The seas and the oceans by their origin, and their horizon have always intrigued us.
Tales about water are often real invitations to travel into the unknown, it's
in that they are wonderful.
"Au fil de l'eau", is a 5-minute show that will take the viewer into
different traditional tales and legends from different cultures. First of all we
will travel to the east with "the little golden fish", in Germany with "The water of life"
of the Grimm brothers, in Japan with "Urashima Taro", we will recognize the famous
"Little Mermaid" by Andersen in Denmark, to end in the cold of North America
among the Inuit. We also refer to Lake Annecy and its Lady of the Lake.

Art direction and graphic design: Camille GROSS
Animation and sound design: Sébastien RIQUELME
Production: Electroson Studio
Client: City of Annecy

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