Brand : Epson
Type: Projector optics

Epson ELPLW08

Wide-Throw optics designed for high-luminosity projectors.

Features :

Opening : F/2.0-2.2 lumens
Focal distance : 19.77mm - 27.5mm
Optical zoom: 1.0 - 1.4x
Projection report(s):

WUXGA/WXGA up to 8000 lumens: 1.18-1.66
WUXGA 9,000-20,000 lumens: 0.86-1.21
Native 4K: 0.83-1.17

Compatible projectors:

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Designed specifically for 12,000 lumens and above projectors in the Pro L Series as well as the Pro G7000 Series, the ELPLW08 optic offers Wide-Throw for remarkable projector positioning flexibility. Supports an image up to 1000″.

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