Waterproof housing for Tempest Blizzard projector

Ventilated box for video projectors

Features :

Suitable for projectors up to: 55,000 ANSI lumens
Maximum dimensions of the projector: Tailored

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Thanks to its ventilation system adapted to the projector, the Tempest Blizzard housing keeps the equipment at an ideal temperature: cool when it's hot, and warm when it's cold, and prevents dangerous condensation from setting in. This way you can have perfect video projections, or video mappings without worrying about cold, dust, rain or snow.

Connected 24 hours a day to the electric current, the housing protection performs a constant automatic temperature check and activates the ventilation system both during the day (when the projector is off) and at night (when the projector is on).

The characteristics of these boxes:
– Ultra-strong and lightweight aluminum frame
– Power supply managed by the box with electrical protection
– Digital Enclosure Control (DEC) control system to protect the projector from cold, heat, humidity and mold
– A bespoke design suitable for all projectors, optics and environments
– A fixing system to place the boxes in portrait or landscape format offering an angle between 15° and 55°
– A clear protective coating that minimizes the impact of the sun
– An optical quality tempered glass window with low iron content for resistance and perfect imaging
– A hydrophobic HEPA filter that prevents dust and insects, accessible from below or inside
– Lockable hinged side doors for easy and secure access
– Power supply and cable passages by cable gland
– Compliance with IP classes and CE standards

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