Back to: Trésors – Video mapping – Church of Notre Dame de Liesse – Annecy (74) – December 2021

For the second year in a row, Electroson Studio has been selected by the City of Annecy as part of the 2021 Alps Christmas celebrations to perform in the heart of the light trail and the city center, the new show Trésors of the very talented visual design artist Camille Gross allows spectators to disconnect for 5 minutes and travel through eras and cultures, on the monumental facade of the Church of Notre-Dame de Liesse in Annecy .


“An ornate wooden chest appears on the facade as a present containing some jewels of humanity.

As it opens, the facade reveals an accumulation of architectural treasures with harmonious lines and teeming with dazzling ornaments; inviting the viewer on a dreamlike journey through cultures and eras whose thousand colors sprinkle the facade of Notre de Dame de Liesse. »

The 5 Epson EB-L1715S video projectors are installed in 2 projection towers with a sound system embedded in the towers as well as a public-address system distributed over the square.

The installation is controlled by Modulo Pi Standard 4 outputs and Modulo Pi Standard 1 output media servers . The fine adjustments were made on the Modulo Pi .

Material :
– 2 waterproof, ventilated and heated projection towers designed by Electroson Studio
– 5 Epson EB-L1715S video projectors with ELPLM15 optics – 15,000 lumens
– 1 Modulo Pi STD-4 media server
– 1 Modulo Pi STD-1 media server
– 2 RCF speakers of 400W RMS in the projection towers
– 1 4G Modem + IP camera + computer with Modulo Player Remote for remote control